DealRoom (III): Tender Management Office as a Service (TMOaaS)


Through structured workshops, you collect the key information for scoping and structuring the tender process. The DealRoom (III) technology and support process (authoring) lets you then quickly assemble the necessary bid instructions, response formats and draft agreement in terms of days instead of weeks. If needed, it will easily integrate mandatory customer formats.


The DealRoom (III) lets you easily invite prospective bidders and provides the DealRoom (III) and process to effectively interact with the bidders during the tender process, through structured workshops and an online Q&A process. The DealRoom(III) platform is secure, auditable and constantly seeks to reduce the administrative burden.


The DealRoom (III) supported tender process starts with the end in mind, i.e. a fit for purpose signed agreement with the right service provider with the right solution for the right price. Continuous evaluation of the actual bidder responses drive the tender process within the DealRoom (III), not a separate excel sheet driven process step.


Once the responses of the bidders have been received, the DealRoom(III) technology and process focuses on closing down points and issues. Clearly highlighting what is still open and what has been agreed. It ensures the interactive process isn’t just a bunch of PowerPoint sales pitches but is documented in a signable agreement.