Dialogue (II): Future Sourcing


Unlike the traditional RFx processes which look much like a ’stop and halt’ waterfall approach, Dialogue (II) uses an iterative approach to develop a win-win solution ready to cope with the ever-changing client’s requirements and technologies futures, documented in a change-enabled agreement and validated against the due diligence info.


In the sourcing of complex projects and services it impossible for one party to have all the knowledge and be ’the expert’. Dialogue (II), through collaborative development of the solution, looks to create exponentially value, based on the requirements of the client and emphasizing the differentiators of each bidder.


Dialogue (II), leverages leading industry standards and design thinking, like eSCM, ISO 37.500, Vested® Outsourcing and Best Value Procurement. The Dialogue(II) methodology and QA approach is a best practice-based methodology, continuously improved and optimized (simplification) through feedback from the independent advisors, their clients and the services industry.

Software Supported

The Dialogue (II) process is optimised to leverage automation through software support to reduce the non-value add activities and moving the administration heavy RfX process to a highly automated and tool-supported tender management office, allowing the advisor, client and bidders to focus on the iterative and collaborative process.