About indysource

    indysource works collaboratively with its Supplier Panel of Information Technology organisations and on the Demand side with the Key Industry Sectors of 1) Production and Manufacturing 2) Services 3) Financial Services and 4) Government Services to align and focus on opportunities and deals within the marketplace.

    The indysource Community consists of our Members (Independent Sourcing Advisors and Professionals) working in the above Demand Side industries who we actively encourage to join us and become a Member in working with our Supplier Panel (Technology Services) and to actively engage with Demand side Industry Sectors. 

    indysource is an independent equal opportunity digital analyst organisation focussed on Powering the Independent Sourcing Advisors and Professionals (Our Members) through its Digital Analyst Platforms and which provides support to the Members through the Dialogue based Sourcing/Procurement processes focussed on deals and is hosted on the indysource Virtual Office (iVO).

    indysource Membership is open to everybody working as Independent Sourcing Advisor and/or Professional engaged in the Dialogue based Sourcing/Procurement process on the Demand side and where they have no conflict of interest with the organisations they are engaged with.

    So if you know anybody that fits the above profile and they are interested in getting Connected to the Community, Accessing market information, staying Relevant with Best Practices and providing Value-Add to their customers engaging in IT orientated deals then please let them know about indysource as we would welcome them on board as part of our growing and engaging Community.