Market Insights

    Market Insights Reports focus on key aspects of the IT Services Industry relating to sourcing. These Reports can accessed by our Members and Business Partners on the indysource Virtual Office (iVO).


    Strategic Outlook – Supplier Panel DVC

    Annual review of the State of the Industry (SotI), covering the top 10 Industry Change Factors relating to the - Geo-Market, Economic, Social and Technology Key Forces. Aligned to the Supplier Panel - Direction, Vision and Capability (DVC).

    Tactical Opportunity Analysis – Industry Sectors

    Quarterly review of the DealFlow and activity in the market, covering the top 5 Deal Activity areas in the Production and Manufacturing, Services, Financial Services and Government Industries.

    Members 360º Feedback

    Annual survey of the Independent Sourcing Advisors and Professionals in the Benelux, covering the top Performers in Supplier Panel from a perception and performance during the initiation and selection of Suppliers.

    Members Interests

    Competitor Analysis - Supplier Panel DVC

    Regular updates on the positioning of IT Suppliers, covering the Direction, Vision: Industries and Capability (DVC) of the Supplier Panel based on public domain information, shared communication documents and community discussions.

    Members Interests aligned to their Needs

    Annual survey of our Members, covering the key focus areas for our Members relating to Events and DVC Content (covering Industries, Services & Technologies). This provides comprehensive feedback on our Members' Needs as a Sourcing Professional or Independent Advisor.