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Why become a Member?


indysource helps you build your Network (I) for your current and future engagements. indysource lets you connect with relevant peers and key contacts at Suppliers, both through face to face meetings and facilitated discussions.


When interacting with your customers, indysource provides you with access to MarketInfo (II) for knowledge and research on the marketplace and key trends in sourcing directly from the Suppliers and through interaction with Members.


indysource ensures that you remain relevant to your customers by providing up-to-date MarketInfo (II), where you can enhance your expertise and value by actively contributing and working with your peers to future enhance the Dialogue (III) sourcing practices.


indysource enables you to focus on the value-add activities and interactions with your customer and the bidders in the tender process, by providing you with your own support structure with the tested, standards-based Dialogue (III) practices and the DealRoom (IV).

Network (I)


Ad hoc and indysource facilitated discussions and interactions


indysource curated latest insights, events, market activity and technology advancements​


Supplier and indysource facilitated events. Face-to-face and webinars


indysource active searches for specific capabilities and assignment opportunities

MarketInfo (II)


indysource, Business Partner and Supplier Panel information and insights on direction, vision and capabilities

Market Challenges

Members and Business Partners validation of key requirements and outcomes facilitated by indysource

Market Surveys

indysource initiated Member and Supplier research based on the Research Agenda

Multi-Client Studies

indysource insights into Business Partner and Member-initiated studies across industries and customers

Dialogue (III)

Dialogue QA Scan

indysource self-assessment tool based on the Hotspots Review and ISO 37.500 lifecycle stages

Best Practices

indysource best practices applied to the relevant lifecycle stages and hotspots

BP Knowledge Sharing

Online or face to face reviews of common and emerging practices relating to the indysource hotspots

BP Focus Groups

indysource, Member and Business Partner review of best and emerging practices

DealRoom (IV)

DealRoom QA Review

DealRoom Hotspot Reviews and feedback of Member supported tenders, projects and deals

Authoring Platform

Platform powered document authoring based on best practice tender process and agreement document templates

DealRoom Platform

Platform and back-office supported hosting of member supported Tenders, T&T projects and Contract Lifecycle Management

SME Support

Ad hoc workstream expertise

What are the Pricing options for Members?

Become a Member and connect to the Virtual Office

Become a Member and powered by indysource and get access to a network of peers and freemium services on the indysource Virtual Office, including Network (I), MarketInfo (II) and Dialogue (III).

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Use the DealRoom (IV) Project-based TMOaaS

Run projects using the DealRoom (IV) paid for services. Get access to a tailored to your need, complete set of Dialogue (III) based templates. Different support levels are possible throughout the process enabling you to tune the project to your client needs.

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